Director: Melissa J. Coleman

Forbes Lecturer: Gilles Laurent


  Name Project Title Institution City
Lucas Baltussen Early synchronised network activity in CDKL5 KO mice The Francis Crick Institute London
Ruidong Chen Fast escape behavior and its neural basis in the octopus Cornell University Ithaca
Laura Cocas The Role of Synaptic Adhesion Proteins in Neuronal Glial Connectivity and Myelination Santa Clara University Santa Clara
Caroline Fecher Mitochondrial contribution to Store-operated Calcium Entry in cerebellar Purkinje Neurons Technical University of Munich Munich
Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Gonzalez New Cerebellar-Autonomic Circuits for closed-loop Neuromodulation in Hypertension University of Texas at Dallas Dallas
Cristian Gutierrez-Ibañez Neural Control of Wing Coordination in Birds University of Alberta Edmonton
Josh Hawk Synthetic Synaptic Biology: Creating Tools to Re-Wire Neural Circuitry Yale University New Haven
Y. Kate Hong Parallel Circuits for Sensory-Guided Behavior Columbia University New York
Janie Ondracek The Emergence of Sleeping Brain Dynamics throughout Evolution and Development Technical University of Munich Freising-Weihenstephan
Rachel Parkinson Effects of Insecticides on Wide-Field Visual Motion Detection and Optomotor Behaviours in the Honeybee University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon