The Grass Foundation

In the fall of 1935, Albert M. Grass and Ellen H. Robinson both came to the Department of Physiology at Harvard Medical School (HMS). This entirely fortuitous confluence of their lives led to their marriage, to a commercial endeavor the Grass Instrument Company that would provide equipment of high quality to neuroscientists and other physiologists for over half a century, and finally to the formation of The Grass Foundation, which has benefited the neuroscience community since 1955. The picture to the left shows Ellen and Albert in 1955.

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The Value of the Grass Fellowship

Grass Fellows and an Associate Director share their insights about doing research at the MBL and being a funded independent investigator.

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The Grass Foundation assists in advancing knowledge in neuroscience. The Foundation promotes scientific excellence by enabling and catalyzing scientific discovery across, rather than within the confines of individual academic institutions. As part of this mission, the Foundation wants to make education in neuroscience and mechanistic scientific reasoning more broadly accessible, to communities where these approaches are not currently practiced.

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The Grass Foundation is a not-for-profit, private foundation chartered to assist in advancing knowledge principally in the field of neurophysiology, and including allied fields of medicine and science. In pursuit of that goal, the Foundation acts to encourage and advance education, research and clinical investigation in these fields. All grants and expenditures of The Grass Foundation must be for charitable purposes as defined by the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.