65th Reunion 2016

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The Grass Foundation celebrated its 65th year of supporting Grass Fellows in July 2016. The fellowship arguably started in 1951 with Hal Becker and Samuel Peacock (please send us a picture of either one if you have access to one!). Another date for celebration would have been in 2015, the 60th year of the beginning of The Grass Foundation in 1955.

The picture to the right is a rendition of the Nautilus-Tree of all Grass Fellows by Haleh Fotowat (Fellow 2010).

Totally awesome pictures from the reunion can be found here.

The entire event would not have been possible without the help of Jade Zee (Fellow 2007 Ann Woolford with the help of Dana Mock-Munoz de Luna!

The engraved wineglass and table decorations are seen on the bottom.