Ricardo Miledi Tribute

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Two activities in tribute to Ricardo Miledi were organized with the support of the Grass Foundation. The aimed was to educate Latin American neuroscience students about the contributions of Ricardo Miledi to the development of neurosciences and its projections to the present and the future. One of the activities was the workshop “Past, Present and Beyond of Synaptic Transmission” held in the city of Cordoba, Argentina the 22-23 de October, 2018. (PDF of program)

Ten speakers where invited to participated, 6 of which worked with Ricardo at different moments of his scientific life. The other 4 were invited for their excellent work in topics close to the one developed by Ricardo. Two of them very distinguished women scientists. In an attached file you will find the program of the workshop. The event was very intense, with a high level of student participation.

The second activity actually started the day before and consisted of a short course that aimed at leveling students’ knowledge about the most recent electrophysiological and images techniques applied to neurobiology. This course included 3 additional days during which students attended an assigned series of symposiums taking place during the Annual meeting of the Argentine Society for Neuroscience.

One week after the end of the activity some students took an exam to obtain points for their doctorate degree.

A total of 77 students from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Cuba were registered at the course and workshop. 14 of them received a travel grant supported by the Grass Foundation.