Director: Kamran Khodakhah

Associate Director: Heather J. Rhodes

Forbes Lecturer: Frances Ashcroft


  Name Project Title Institution City
Karina Alvina Stress modulation of NMDA receptor function in the mouse hippocampus. Texas Tech University Lubbock
Jennifer Bestman Visualizing dendritic mRNA tranlsation in vivo: links to neuronal structural plasticity Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Williamsburg
Alexander Chamessian Deciphering novel pain and itch circuits in the spinal dorsal horn with activity dependent labeling, electrophysiology and single-cell transcrimptomics. Duke University School of Medicine Durham
Nathan Harris Temperature induced plasticity of motoneuron transcriptome and set-point excitability. University of California at San Francisco San Francisco
Erin Hisey Serotonergic modulation of vocal learning. Duke University Durham
Kristina Lippmann Presynaptic mechanisms of epileptogenesis. Leipzig University
Adriane Otopalik Modulatory reconfiguration of single neurons. Brandeis University New York
Ben Richardson Cerebellar contributions to alcohol abuse. University of Idaho Springfield
Jenna Sternberg Sensory coding in the larval zebrafish gut. Brain and Spine Institute Paris
Jorge Vera-Buschmann Modulation of frequency preference in dendrites of pyramidal neurons. University of Chile Santiago