Jorge Vera-Buschmann

Department: Dept of Biology
Start Year: 2017
Starting Institution: University of Chile
Current Institution: University of Chile
Project Title: Modulation of frequency preference in dendrites of pyramidal neurons.

Neurons are specialized to receive, process and transmit electrical signals, providing a fast communication mechanism that allows the coordination between moving organism and their always-changing environment. I’m fascinated by the extremely complex nature of neuron’s activity and by how their activity is able to crate something so attractive and mysterious like our self-conciseness. In general, among the complex neural processes that give rise to animal behavior I’m interested in two of them: 1) The temporal coordination of neuronal activity that allows a rapid on-line processing of sensory and internal signals and 2) the cellular and network mechanisms behind memory generation and recall. In particular, I’ve studied the rhythmic properties of neuronal activity in cortical neurons from mammalian brain, focused in the hippocampus, entorhinal cortex and cortical amygdala (Patch and sharp recordings in brain slices and spike recordings behaving animals). Currently I’m investigating the contribution of intrinsic frequency preference of cortical neurons (i.e. resonance) in the setting of network rhythmic and coherent activity at theta (4-10 Hz) and gamma frequency ranges (30-60 Hz).