Adriane Otopalik

Department: Department of Biological Sciences
Start Year: 2017
Starting Institution: Brandeis University
Current Institution: Columbia University
Project Title: Modulatory reconfiguration of single neurons.

Neurons often present complex morphologies with highly brancheddendritic trees. The neurons of the STG often have more than 1000 branch points and 10 millimeters of total cable length. Despite their expansive morphologies, STG neurons are remarkably electrotonicallycompact and have the capacity to integrate synaptic voltage events arising at disparate positions on the neurite tree. Yet, endogenousneuromodulatory amines and peptides may effectively compartmentalize these neuronal structures and alter the spatial integration of synaptic inputs. The aim of my project is to describe the arithmetic of voltage signal integration across the neurite trees of singleSTG neurons in different neuromodulatory states.