Director: Kamran Khodakhah

Associate Director: J. Matthew Kittelberger

Forbes Lecturer: Erin M. Schuman


  Name Project Title Institution City
Nan Wang Decoding the role of connexin hemichannels in mediating glia-neuron crosstalk. Ghent University, Belgium Ghent
Arne Battefeld Functional consequences of intermittent myelin and axo-axonic synapses. Netherlands Ins. For Neuroscience Amsterdam
Ariadna Cobo-Cuan Revealing DPOAEs sources and pathways: A comparative approach inside the inner ear. University of Havana
Christophe Dupre Spontaneous activity in the nervous system of hydra. Columbia University New York
Helen Hou Function and evolution of neuromodulation in micturition behavior. Harvard Medical School Boston
Wanhe Li A stress-induced arousal-promoting circuit in Drosophila. The Rockefeller University New York
Matthias Prigge Upconverting nanocrystals as a new stimulation paradigm for optogenetic research. Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovat
Alma Rodenas-Ruano Epigenetic regulation of the cation-chloride symporter KCC2 during neuronal development. Fordham University New York
Josh Salvi Active control of mechanosensation by kinocilia of the zebrafish lateral-¬line system. The Rockefeller University New York
Olga Penagarikano Neuropsychopharmacology of oxytocin in autism spectrum disorder. University of Basque Country Leioa/Bizkaia