Arne Battefeld

Department: Meibergdreef 47
Start Year: 2016
Starting Institution: Netherlands Ins. For Neuroscience
Current Institution: Netherlands Ins. For Neuroscience
Project Title: Functional consequences of intermittent myelin and axo-axonic synapses.

In the vertebrate central nervous system axons are wrapped by myelin to ensure conduction of action potentials at high speed. Recent evidence suggests that axons of neurons located in layer 2/3 of the visual neocortex exhibit stretches of myelin that alternate with non-myelinated axon segments on which synaptic contacts are found. The function of these axo-axonic synapses are unknown, however, their presence suggests that action potentials can be potentially modulated after initiation. As a grass fellow at the MBL I will investigate if activation of these axo-axonic synapses modulates the output of neocortical neurons by changing axonal properties and thereby action potential conduction.