Director: Kamran Khodakhah

Forbes Lecturer: Catherine Dulac


  Name Project Title Institution City
Kathryn Feller Striking Neurobiology: Visual targeting and neural control of ballistic mantis shrimp strikes. University of Cambridge Cambridge
Amy Herbert Sea robins as a model for the genetic basis of novel traits in vertebrates. Washington University-St. Louis St. Louis
Emilio Kropff Electrophysiology of leadership and social navigation in rodents. Leloir Institute - IIBBA - CONICET Buenos Aires
Matt McCoy Genomic features of nervous system complexity in behaviorally sophisticated cephalopods.  Washington University-St. Louis St. Louis
Tessa Montague The neural basis of camouflage in cuttlefish.  Harvard University Cambridge
Alexandra Schnell Complex cognition in the common cuttlefish.  University of Caen/University of Cambridge South Perth
Naoya Takahashi Visualizing top-down signals in space and time in behaving mice. Humboldt University of Berlin Berlin
Caroline Vissers m6A mRNA methylation regulates oscillatory transcription factors in neural stem cells. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Baltimore
Jaime A. Willett Electrophysiological analysis of estrous cycle-dependent variation in female rat striatal medium spiny neuron synaptic plasticity. North Carolina State University Raleigh
Junichi Yoshida The role of the cerebellum under motor inhibition. Tamagawa University Machida