Director: Kamran Khodakhah

Associate Director: J. Matthew Kittelberger

Forbes Lecturer: William A. Catterall

T-shirt: 2015 back


  Name Project Title Institution City
Evan Ardiel All-optical functional connectomics in C. elegans. NIH Boston
Eduardo Arteaga-Bracho Developmental impairments in regional neural stem cell niche architecture contributes to regional late-onset pathological cell death in neurodegenerative diseases. Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx
Diany Paola Calderon Contribution of arousal pathways and local inhibition in gigantocellular area to induce wakefulness. The Rockefeller University New York
Drew Friedmann Mechanisms for developmental regulation by a nonvisual opsin. University of California at Berkeley Berkeley
Tatjana Kleele The role of the cytoskeleton in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy.
Kristen Koenig Neurodevelopment in the Cephalopod Loligo pealeii: Complex-eye morphogenesis.
Abhishek Kumar Determining how the lateral nerve cord forms in live C. elegans embryos using light sheet microscopy and optogenetics. NIH Woods Hole
Tomoko Ohyama Computation of a command-like neuron in Drosophila larvae during multisensory integration. Janelia Research Campus Ashburn
Honi Sanders Modeling the grid cell as abstraction of spatial structure. Brandeis University Waltham
Adriano Senatore Evaluating the roles of electrical excitability and voltage-gated calcium channels in Trichoplax adhaerens, an enigmatic animal that lacks neurons and muscle. University of Toronto Mississauga Mississauga
Fernanado Vonhoff Cellular and molecular mechanisms of synaptogenesis in the CNS. Yale University New Haven