Director: Alberto E. Pereda

Associate Director: J. Matthew Kittelberger

Forbes Lecturer: Joseph Fetcho

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  Name Project Title Institution City
Timothy Balmer The contribution of perineuronal nets to regulation of neuronal activity Oregon Health & Science University
Diego Bohorquez Function of a gut-brain neural circuit modulating satiety Duke University Medical Center Durham
Christopher Chen Corticothalamic modulation of cerebellar gain Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx
Fabio Echeverry Physiological Role of cNMP-modulated Channels on Scallop Ciliary Photoreceptors Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx
Alexander Groh The role of electrical synaptic transmission in synchronizing thalamic activity Max Planck Institute Munich
Yeowool Huh Gating of pain pathways by activity-dependent recruitment of inhibitory circuits University of Science and Tech, South Korea Seoul
Reyna Martinez-DeLuna The role of intermediate filament proteins in neural degeneration and regeneration SUNY Upstate Medical University Syracuse
Rebecca Mease A conductance-based model of higher-order thalamic encoding of cortical feedback Max Plack Institute of Neurobiolgy Munich
Benjamin Rost Physiological correlates of fast postsynaptic endocytosis German Center of Neurodegenerative Diseases Berlin
Yuyu Song Synaptic Actions of misfolded ALS-associated G85R-SOD1 protein Yale School of Medicine New Haven
Shigeki Watanabe Mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in mouse hippocampal synapses University of Utah Salt Lake City
Meg Younger Processing of human odorants in the mosquito antennal lobe. The Rockefeller Center New York