Director: Melissa J. Coleman

Associate Director: Christophe Dupre

President: Catherine E. Carr

Forbes Lecturer: Jared Diamond

The 2020 Grass fellowship has been cancelled, with fellows having the option to return in person to the Grass lab in 2021 or 2022, if they are able. For 2020, we have a collegial online community, and a virtual Forbes Lecture given by Jared Diamond.


  Name Project Title Institution City
Oscar Arenas Sabogal Molecular basis for mechanotransduction in ctenophore balancer cells University of California - Berkeley Berkeley
Luis Alberto Bezares-Calderón Mechanosensory systems and circuits in the chordate Ciona University of Exeter Exeter, United Kingdom
Ann Clemens Neural Mechanisms of Kinship Behavior in the Rat University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
Madison Gray The turtle as a model for the evolution of subcellular synaptic targeting Hospital for Sick Children Toronto
Duncan Leitch Physiological examinations of crocodilian mechanosensory organs in response to natural stimuli University of British Columbia San Francisco
Bernardo Pinto Exploring local translation regulation in the squid giant axon The University of Chicago Chicago
Rosalyn Putland Hearing in squid: Ontogeny and effect of anthropogenic sound University of Minnesota - Duluth Lowestoft
Venkatakrishnan Ramaswamy Unreliable synaptic transmission as a possible enhancer of learning performance in neural circuits Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilani Hyderabad, India
Carola Städele The role of multisensory integration in tick host-seeking behavior Illinois State University Los Angeles
Juliana Rhee Internal State Dynamics of Social Behaviors in Cephalopods Harvard University Cambridge