Director: Joel E. Brown

Associate Director: David Bodznick

Forbes Lecturer: Albert H. Aguayo


  Name Project Title Institution City
Male Silhouette Edward A. Arbas
Ida Chow Ida Chow Society of Developmental Biology Bethesda
Male Silhouette George Ehring
Mohamed A. Fahim Mohamed A. Fahim Faculty of Medicine Al Ain
Male Silhouette Gregory L. King
Mark D. Kirk Mark D. Kirk Unversity of Missouri Columbia
A. Joffre Mercier A. Joffre Mercier Brock Univ. St. Catherines
David L. Paul David L. Paul Harvard Med. Sch Boston
Male Silhouette Stanley G. Rane Novartis Parmaceutical Gurneu
Male Silhouette Michael Sanguinetti
Male Silhouette Wayne L. Silver Wake Forest University Winston Salem
Male Silhouette Joseph R. Stimers University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Little Rock
Female Silhouette Joelle Tanguy New York
Male Silhouette Ging Kuo Wang Brigham & Women's Hospital Boston
Michael M. White Activation of squid axon K+ channels. Ionic and gating current studies. Drexel Univ. Coll. Of Med Philadelphia