Director: Elva Diaz

Associate Director: Oscar Arenas Sabogal

President: Matthew B. McFarlane

Forbes Lecturer: Yasmin Hurd


  Name Project Title Institution City
2024 Grass Fellow Andrea Gaede Andrea Gaede Visual control of flight maneuverability in gliding tree frogs Royal Veterinary College, University of London St Albans
2024 Grass Fellow Guilherme Gainett Guilherme Gainett The Genomic Basis of Visual System Development in the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard University Boston
2024 Grass Fellow Ana Lyons Ana Lyons Advancing Tardigrades as an Emerging Model for Systems-level Neuroscience: Pioneering Imaging Techniques and Transgenics for Functional Neural Mapping University of California, San Francisco Oakland
2024 Grass Fellow Hannah Martin Hannah Martin Physiological Examinations of Putative Mechanosensory Cells in the Avian Lumbosacral Organ University of Chicago Chicago
2024 Grass Fellow Aalok Varma Aalok Varma Exploring the Impact of Climate Change on Coleoid Cephalopods University of California, San Diego San Diego
2024 Grass Fellow Dennis Weingarten Dennis Weingarten Sour patch: Electrophysiological Study of Synaptic Transmission during Hypercapnia in the Lamprey Oregon Health & Science University Portland
2024 Grass Fellow Fabian Vergara-Ovalle Jose Fabian Vergara-Ovalle Immediate Early Genes in Octopus Learning and Memory National Autonomous University of Mexico CDMX
2024 Grass Fellow Chenjie Shen Chenjie Shen Explore Potential Ortholog of Fragile X Protein and Elucidate its Regulatory Function on ADAR-mediated RNA Editing within Cephalopods Massachusetts Institute of Technology Somerville