2023 Grass Fellows preparing for the Woods Hole July 4 parade

Director: Elva Diaz

Associate Director: Oscar Arenas Sabogal

President: Catherine E. Carr

Forbes Lecturer: Jeffrey D. Noebels


  Name Project Title Institution City
Tommi Anttonen Tommi Anttonen Unraveling the presynaptic mechanisms of noise overexposure in avian auditory receptor cells University of Southern Denmark Odense M
Mariana Rodriguez-Santiago Mariana Rodriguez-Santiago Neural basis of acoustic mating decisions in a female treefrog Colorado State University Fort Collins
Kei Jokura Kei Jokura Revealing the mechanism of light-dependent sign-switching of gravitaxis in a ctenophore University of Exeter Exeter
James Lee James Lee Dissecting the unusual birthing behavior of arsenic-resistant Tokorhabditis tufae The Rockefeller University New York
Ivan Candido-Ferreira Ivan Candido-Ferreira The Genomic Basis of Neurodevelopment in the Little Skate, Leucoraja erinacea Stowers Institute for Medical Research Kansas City
Itzel Gonzalez Ishida Itzel Gonzalez Ishida Visualizing spatial memories: Localization of molecules within a Drosophila navigation circuit The Rockefeller University New York
Helen Farrants Helen Farrants Visualizing calcium dynamics in squid using genetically encoded indicators Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Ashburn
Daniel Cortes Daniel Cortes Learning and behavioral studies in unicellular organisms, a case study of stentors Assistant Faculty Blacksburg
Takato Honda Takato Honda Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge