Director: Alberto E. Pereda

Associate Director: M. Jade Zee

Forbes Lecturer: Leslie Vosshall


  Name Project Title Institution City
Jose (Pepe) Alcami Role and modulation of electrical synapses in cerebellar interneuronal networks Paris Descartes University Munich
Vijayendran Chanran Identification and validation of transcription factors and small-molecule responsible for enhanced regeneration in the central nervous system of lamprey after spinal cord injury University of California Los Angeles
Chantelle Fourie Mapping hippocampal inhibitory networks using optogenetics University of Auckland
Jessica Fox Electrophysiological properties of figure-detecting lobula plate tangential cells in the Drosophila visual system Case Western Reserve University Cleveland
Julijana Gjorgjieva A computational model for spontaneous wave propagation in developing cortical networks Harvard University Boston
Nathan Hedrick In vivo imaging of Rac1 activity surrounding learning Duke University La Jolla
Wolf Huetteroth Influence of internal state signals on memory-reinforcing dopamine cells
Jeffrey Lehrberg Jeffrey Lehrberg Influence of nerve derived BMP2 on the proliferation of cell subpopulations during salamander limb regeneration University of Calfornia, Irvine Irvine
James Olopade The effect of vanadium exposure on the long term myelination infrastructure of embryonic Zebra fish University of Ibadan Oyo
Nicolas Palacios-Prado Intracellular magnesium-dependent modulation of electrical synapses and neuronal synchronization
Lucy Palmer Dendritic activity of pyramidal neurons during learned behavior University of Melbourne
Chih-Chieh Wang The role of SynGAP in NMDA receptor-mediated synaptic plasticity Harvard Medical School Boston