Associate Director: M. Jade Zee

Forbes Lecturer: Russell Fernald


  Name Project Title Institution City
Issac Bianco Visual control of tracking and saccadic eye movements in larval zebrafish Univeristy College, London London
Luca Conti Microtransplantation of receptors from squids to Xenopus oocytes: looking for the inhibitory transmission in the invertebrate nervous system University of Rome, Spienza Rome
John Meitzen Electrophysiological analysis of sex differences in rat striatal neurons North Carolina State University
Sung-Min Park Is Neuronal Averaging Possible?
Raquel O. Vasconcelos Potential auditory feedback and the role of the inner ear utricle in hearing of a highly vocal teleost fish, Halobatrachus didactylus Univ. of Lisbon Lisbon
Gordon Wang Trans-synaptic delivery of transcription factors for in vivo circuit dissection Stanford University Stanford
Elizabeth Whitchurch Auditory saccular afferent responses to naturalistic vocalizations in the free-swimming plainfin midshipman fish (Porichthys notatus) Humbolt State University Arcata