Associate Director: M. Jade Zee

Forbes Lecturer: Allsion Doupe


  Name Project Title Institution City
Melissa Coates CNS control of the dermal papillae involved in dynamic textural camouflage in cephalopods.
Jeremy Corfield Negative motor images: A behavioural paradigm to determine underlying functional algorithms of the cerebellum Univ. of Lethbridge Lethbridge
Female Silhouette Taffeta Elliott Functional characterization of auditory processing in the songbird forebrain New Mexico Tech
Haleh Fotowat Measuring natural inputs to the electrosensorv system of freely swimming electric fish using a miniature wireless telemetry system University of Ottawa
Qiang Liu Capturing the Morphology of Synaptic Transmission – Combined Optogenetics and High-pressure Freezing Univ. of Utah/ HHMI Salt Lake City
Alex Mauss Functional analysis of motor circuit assembly in the Drosophila larva Max Planck Inst. of Neurobiology 82152 Martinsried
Eva Naumann The Neural Correlates of Behavioral Variability Harvard University Cambridge
Tod Thiele Electrophysiological analysis of neural circuitry controlling zebrafish prey capture behavior University of Toronto, Scarborough