Director: Catherine E. Carr

Forbes Lecturer: Huda Y. Zoghbi


  Name Project Title Institution City
Joshua P. Bassett Identifying the site of velocity storage integration: A comparative approach using species with distinct oculomotor behaviors. University College London
Adam D. Douglass Optical studies of neuronal connectivity and plasticity in the retinotectal system of zebrafish University of California, San Francisco Salt Lake City
Joshua W. Gatson The role of the androgen receptor in estrogen induced neuropreotection UT Southwestern Medical Center Dallas
Maria E. Castello Gomez Comparative study of the fast electrosensory pathway of electric fish: A multilevel approach. Instituto de Investigaciones Biologicas Clemente Estable Montevideo
Wayne J. Korzan Behavioral and Hormonal Responses to Agonistic Interaction in the Toadfish Dallas, Texas 75390 Boston
Snezana Levic Spontaneous Action Potential Activity in Developing Vertebrate Hair Cells: Control of Pattern and Efficacy of Synaptic Transfer Brighton & Sussex Medical School Brighton
Heather J. Rhodes Searching for the central pattern generator in the vocal system of xenopus laevis Denison University Granville
Jason Shepherd The role of BCL-2 family proteins in postsynaptic transmission and plasticity. University of Utah Salt Lake City
Jamie Theobald Motion perception and adaption in hovering hawkmoths Florida International University Miami
Mark Verdecia Brittlestar Fluorescence as a Unique Long-Term Indicator of in Vivo Neuronal Activity Janelia Farm Research Campus Ashburn