Director: Susan R. Barry

Associate Director: Daphne Soares

Forbes Lecturer: Roger Y. Tsien


  Name Project Title Institution City
Kevin L. Briggman Sensory integration in the toad visual system under dim threshold conditions. Max Planck Inst. Med. Res. Heidelberg
Christiane del Corsso Biophysical properties of connexins isolated from Ascidiacea Biophysics Institute Carlos Chagas Filho Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Andrew T.E. Hartwick Light-evoked calcium dynamics in melanopsin retinal ganglion cells Ohio State University Columbus
Quan (Donny) Hoang Gap junctional channel-mediated communication between retinal pigment epithelial cells Columbia Opthalmology Consultants
Petronella Kettunen Metabotropic glutamate receptors in the zebrafish spinal cord Klinisk Kemi 413 45 Gothenburg
Elizabeth Prescott Development of a zebrafish model system to study ribbon synapse dynamics Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle
Kimberlei A. Richardson The effect of development on the activation of neurons involved in neonatal opioid dependence Medical University of South Carolina Charleston
Alvaro Sagasti Cytoskeletal control of zebrafish sensory neuron branching UCLA Los Angeles
Xiang Yu Effect of changes in dendritic morphology mediated by the cadherin/catenin complex on the synaptic properties of cai pyramidal neurons Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing