Director: Susan R. Barry

Associate Director: Daphne Soares

Forbes Lecturer: Marc Tessier-Lavigne


  Name Project Title Institution City
Rachel Mary Berquist Response Dynamics Of Saccular Afferent Fibers In Free-Swimming Toadfish Opsanus Tau Center for Scientific Computation in Imaging La Jolla
Manuel Estrada Effects Of Steroid Hormones On Intracellular Ca2+ Signaling In A Neuronal Cell Line University of Chile
Michael A. Farries Long-Term Synaptic Plasticity In Nucleus Ra Of The Zebra Finch: A Possible Substrate For Song Learning University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Robert Crooks Froemke The Cellular Mechanisms And Synaptic Organization Of Neocortical Receptive Fields New York Univ. School of Medicine New York
Eric Briant Gonzales Kinetic Determinants Of The Second Transmembrane Domain 7' Position In The Glycine α1 Receptor UNT Health Science Center Fort Worth
Emma Heart Nad(P)H Oscillations In Pancreatic Islet Cells And Their Modulation By Metabolic And Electric Stimuli University of Southern Florida
Leib Litman In Search For A Model Organism For Complex Forms Of Implicit Learning: Exploring Crypsis And The Serial Reaction Time Task In Cuttlefish NY University New York
Mark H. Shalinsky An Electrophysiological Study Of The Lung Rhythm In The Bullfrog Rana Catesbeiana As An Evolutionary Precursor To Gasping In Mammals Journal of Visualized Experiments Somerville
James Jiayuan Tong Mitochonddria Dynamics In Synaptic Plasticity And Learning Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co., Inc Chengdu
Yumiko Umino Processing Of Visual Information Of Limulus Brain SUNY Upstate Medical University Syracuse
Tamily Weissman The Alzheimer'S Disease Pathway Meets Neuraldevelopment: Does Presenilin Process The Reelin Receptor And Regulateneuronal Migration? Lewis & Clark College Portland