Director: Susan R. Barry

Associate Director: Melissa Vollrath

Forbes Lecturer: Darcy B. Kelley


  Name Project Title Institution City
S. Clare Chung Electrophysiological and anatomical analysis of retinal ganglion cells in zebrafish: Comparison studies between wildtype and motion detection mutants
Karen C Cusato The role of gap junctions in cell death SUNY Upstate Medical University Syracuse
Ian Davison Spatial extent of GABAB-dependent lateral inhibition Boston University Boston
Sandra J. Kuhlman Role for fast GABAergic transmission in promoting synaptic competition Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh
Gal Haspel New Jersey Institute Technology Newark
Anthony Molina Localization of retinal horizontal cell proton flux: New insights into extracellular microdomains and their role in visual processing University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago
Jennifer Morgan Mechanisms of actin regulations during synaptic vesicle endocytosis Duke University Woods Hole
Gabe J. Murphy Mechanisms of Feedback Inhibition in the Retina HHMI/U. Washington Seattle
Joseph Sisneros Steroid-dependent plasticity of auditory hair cell tuning in the plainfin midshipman Poricthys notatus University of Washington Seattle
Carlos A. Villalba-Galea The timing of protein-protein interactions involved in synaptic vesicle endocytosis Virginia Commonweath University, School of Medicine
David G. Zeddies An optical measurement of the auditory brainstem response in larval zebrafish JASCO Victoria