Director: David Bodznick

Associate Director: Brian Link

Forbes Lecturer: Bert Sakmann


  Name Project Title Institution City
Jerod S. Denton Regulation of Intrinsic C02 H Chemosensitivity and Intracellular pH in Helix Aspersa Neurons in situ Vanderbilt Univ. Med. Cent. Nashville
Paul Gray Identification and Respiratory Rhythm Generating Neurons in Non-Mammalian Species Washington Univ. Med School St. Louis
Benjamin Hall Modulation of odor-evoked oscillations in the frog olfactory bulb. Tulane University New Orleans
Kim L. Hoke Mechanism of Cone Mosaic Rearrangement During Metamorphosis in the Winter Flounder Colorado State University Fort Collins
Jasmina N. Jovanovic School of Pharmacy, Univ London London WCIN 1 AX
Kathryn Richards The Role of Serotonin in Developing Networks INSERM U739 Paris 75013
Kevin Sauve The Temporal Properties of Tropical Flounder Camouflage
Gilad Twig Cellular Mechanisms Involved in the Pathophysiology of Microglial Response to CGA an Active Component Found in Alzheimer Plaques
Melissa Vollrath Transduction Currents and Sensory Processing in Hair Cells in the Statocyst of the Squid Loligo Paelei McGill University Montr‚al
Daphne Soares The Role of Facial Skin Receptors in Underwater Sensory Behavior of the Alligator Mississipensis University of Maryland Newark