Director: David Bodznick

Forbes Lecturer: Scott E. Fraser


  Name Project Title Institution City
Matthew L. Beckman Matthew L. Beckman Analysis of lobster serotonin transporter expression and function. Augsburg College Minneapolis
Mathew Brock Mathew Brock Block of Squid Axon Ik by S-Nitrosidithiothreitol.
Male Silhouette Marco Crespi LTP at CA3-CA1 hippocampal synapses: Recruitment of silent synapses?
Frederic Doussau Frederic Doussau Control of synaptic vesicle traffic by the actin cytoskeleton. Institut des Neurosciences Cellulaires et Integratives Strasbourg
Yi Han Yi Han Electrophysiological study of zebrafish retinal mutants with an abnormal B-wave. University of Texas Houston
Barbara Innocenti Barbara Innocenti
Peter Koulen Peter Koulen Differential localization of ryanodine receptor and IP3 receptor isoforms in neruons. Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City
Male Silhouette Seth J. Ramus Learning and memory in Nautilus. Bowdoin College Brunswick
Male Silhouette Miduturu Srinivas Biophysical characterization of gap junction channels in marine invertebrates. State University of NY New York
Female Silhouette Ayako Yamaguchi University of Utah Salt Lake City
Female Silhouette Karen Zito Univ. California Davis Davis
Male Silhouette Michal Zochowski Univ. of Michigan Ann Arbor