Director: Jeffrey T. Corwin

Associate Director: Felix E. Schweizer

Forbes Lecturer: Semir Zeki


  Name Project Title Institution City
Janet L. Cassagrand Pressure-Sensitive Auditory Input to the Mauthner Cells in the Goldfish: Origin Response Properties and Connectivity University of Colorado, Boulder Boulder
John R. Gray Neural Circuitry Underlying a Novel Motor Pattern Expressed During Metamorphis of the Hawkmoth Manduca sexta. University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon
Matthew Halstead Electrophysiology of the Electrosensory Midbrain of the Little Skate Raja erinacea to Biologically Realistic Stimuli
John Layne Coordination of Optokinesis and Locomotion During Course Control in the Fiddler Crab Uca pugilator. University of Cincinnati Cincinnati
Mark Levandoski Chimeric Analysis of a-Bungarotoxin Binding Sequences in Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors. Grinnell College Grinnell
Quoc Thang Nguyen Neuotransmitter Synthesis in mRNA-Injected Xenopus Oocytes. UCSD LaJolla
Eleonora Palma Functional Expression of Neuronal nAChRs Subunits in the Lower Vertebrate Using Xenopus Oocytes. Univ. Roma 'La Sapienza' Roma
Nadav Shashar Polarization Sensitivity in Cephalopods Ben Gurion Univ. of the Negrev Eilat
Hiroshi Tokumaru The Role of Synapin/Complexin in Transmitter Release at the Squid Giant Synapse. Tokushima Bunri Univ. Sanuki-shi
Martina Wicklein Molecular Basis of Social Learning Imperial College London London