Director: Joel E. Brown

Associate Director: Jeffrey T. Corwin

Forbes Lecturer: Dale Purves


  Name Project Title Institution City
Susan R. Barry Mount Holyoke College South Hadley
Richard J. Bookman Richard J. Bookman Univ. Miami Sch. Med Miami
Male Silhouette Bruce G. Caiman
Jeffrey T. Corwin Regeneration of auditory receptor cells University of Virginia School of Medicine Charlottesville
Male Silhouette Stephen M. Echteler
Male Silhouette Shi-ling Hu
Male Silhouette Michael G. Klein
Anthony R. Maranto Anthony R. Maranto Exeter
Female Silhouette Ellen McGlade-McCulloh
Male Silhouette Charles Saltzman University of Utah Salt Lake City
Male Silhouette John Ding-E Young Neuronal coding of sexually differentiated behavior of motoneurons.