Director: Donald T. Frazier

Forbes Lecturer: Kresimir Krnjevic


  Name Project Title Institution City
Frances Ashcroft KATP channels and neonatal diabetes: from molecule to new therapy and beyond. University of Oxford Oxford
John W. Day John W. Day Univ.Minnesota Minneapolis
Donald H. Edwards, Jr. Donald H. Edwards, Jr. Georgia State Univ. Atlanta
Male Silhouette Mark T. Goldbert
Male Silhouette Albert E. Lund E.I. DuPont de Protection Newark
Male Silhouette David J. Meyer
Male Silhouette Menasche Nass UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles
Terry C. Pellmar Terry C. Pellmar AFRRI Bethesda
Male Silhouette Fred N. Quandt Ormond Beach
Male Silhouette Richard A. Satterlie Univ North Carolina, Wilmington Wilmington
Female Silhouette Sheryl A. Scott Univ. Utah Sch. Med Salt Lake City
Male Silhouette Robert E. Sulivan
Male Silhouette Winsor H. Watson, III University of New Hampshire Durham
Steven J. Zottoli Williams College Woods Hole