Forbes Lecturer: Harry Grundfest


  Name Project Title Institution City
Walter F. Boron Walter F. Boron Yale Univ School of Med New Haven
Philip E. Coyer Philip E. Coyer
Peter D. Evans Peter D. Evans The Babraham Inst. Cambridge
Michael J. Katz Michael J. Katz
Richard P. Kraig Richard P. Kraig Univ. Chicago Chicago
Kathleen G. Morgan Kathleen G. Morgan Mechanisms of Actin Regulation at the Synapse Boston University Boston
Peter Narins Peter Narins UCLA Los Angeles
Male Silhouette Jaime Requena
Male Silhouette David M. Senseman University Texas, San Antonio San Antonio
Male Silhouette Robert E. Sheridan
Female Silhouette Melody V. Siegler Emory University Atlanta
Male Silhouette John W. Swann Baylor College Med Houston
Male Silhouette John H. Teeter Monell Chemical Senses Center Philadelphia
Male Silhouette Konrad Wiese Motion Sensitive Neurons in the Visual System of the Fiddler Crab. University of Hamburg Hamburg