Teresa Nick

Department: Neuroscience 6-145, Jackson Hall
Start Year: 1996
Starting Institution: Univ. of Minnesota
Current Institution: Univ. of Minnesota
Project Title: Calcium channels in growth cones

I studied the differential functional expression of calcium-dependent potassium channels in growth cones versus cell bodies using inside-out patch clamp recording. I found that growth cone channels appeared to be less calcium-sensitive than their somatic counterparts. Beyond the science, I learned fundamentals of setting up a new lab and the pitfalls and pleasures that come with it. When asked how it impacted her career, she smiled knowingly and said “It was one of the best summers of my career – no, my life. To be in such a stimulating environment for any length of time brands something on you and changes how you approach science forever. I feel that I am more aggressive, more open, more willing to take chances, and, above all else, more able to do practically anything with two twist-ties and a toothpick, than I would be without this monumental experience.”